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Trauma Processing Group


Trauma Processing Group

This group is for individuals who have experienced trauma and have developed PTSD/C-PTSD. In this trauma processing group, individuals will share and connect about their traumatic experiences and receive support through a compassionate, empathetic lens. Triggering information will be discussed during these group sessions. The goal is not to avoid being triggered by trauma, but to work through these triggers. This group will aim to connect survivors to themselves, by speaking their truth, as well as facilitate authentic connections to other survivors in a safe environment.


Am I a good fit for this group?

Individuals that feel they need to process more of their story, need help to accept what they have experienced, or are searching for validation, clarification, and grounding, may benefit from joining this group in addition to their individual therapy routine. This group may be a good fit for you if you meet the criteria below.

Inclusion Criteria:

1. You’re 18 or older.
2. You’ve been diagnosed with PTSD/C-PTSD.
3. You have an individual therapist (we can help connect you with one if needed).

Exclusion Criteria:

1. You have ever experienced psychosis (not including a history of drug-induced --------------------psychosis).
2. You’re in active addiction.
3. You’ve been diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder (this does not --------------------mean anti-social as a personality characteristic like introversion, but a clinically --------------------assigned diagnosis by a licensed professional).


The group will be $60 per group session, 8 sessions total, and can be paid for in one of the following ways:
One payment of $480.
One payment of $240 up front and a second payment of $240 before the 5th session.
One payment of $120 every two weeks, for four weeks.


Friday 10:00am – 11:30am.
In person- Raleigh, exact destination will be provided upon registration.
For further information or interest in registering for this group, please contact us at:

Phone: 574-216-1694

Payment Information

All of the trauma groups offered by NC Cutting Edge Counseling, PLLC (NCCEC) are closed groups, meaning that each group will have the same participants for the total duration of the group. This is necessary for trauma groups, as it creates a sense of safety and security among group members. For this reason, we will have participants in the groups sign an agreement to commit to the group for the amount of sessions in the group.
For instance, if the group runs 8 weeks long, we will ask participants to sign an agreement for all 8 groups in that series. Since there are limited spots available, we ask participants for a payment plan of their choosing for all 8 weeks of the group (whether they show up or miss a session).

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