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How long does each therapy session take?

Sessions will be 53 minutes.  Your therapist may recommend you to have extended sessions which are typically 90-minute sessions, the extra 30 minutes must be self-pay.

What will my rate be if I need an extended session?

Currently the rate for extended sessions is $80 for the 53-minute portion of the session plus $40 for the additional 30 minutes which totals $120.

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

Currently we are only accepting self-pay as we are working on getting credentialed with Blue Cross Blue Shield.  Our current rate is a flat-rate of $80 per 53-minute session. This reduced-rate is to help people afford counseling services while we are only self-pay.  Our rate once credentialed will be $125 per 53-minute session.

What makes us different?

Our commitment to being on the forefront of the most cutting-edge trauma treatments available today, even globally.

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