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Message from the Founders of NC Cutting Edge Counseling, PLLC

Greetings fellow pals (or pals-to-be!),  

Christmas is a meaningful time for us as individuals and also founders of NCCEC. We wanted to write this note to convey our sincere thanks to God, our staff, NCCEC clientele, and the community of mental health professionals who seek out the truth and promote healing. Also, we wanted to show some of the DNA that is at the core of our practice.  

First, we want to publicly and sincerely give thanks to God. We felt compelled by God to create this business. Sometimes God has plans that feel feral or wild, which was our thoughts as we started a new business during a roar in the pandemic in November 2020. In the hardest times, God has always shown us His light, which we hope to share with the world. 

Second, we are incredibly grateful for our amazing staff, clients, and community partners who continue to show up, send us referrals, and believe in our mission.  We have been blessed to find folks who are just as passionate about our goals as we are.  Continually, Napkin and I (Erin) feel such gratitude and honor for the people in this company who continually change the world, work on themselves, heal, and also… play with doggos in the hallway. Shout out to Glenn Coco and Gretchen Weiners, our emotional support dogs that keep us, staff, and clients calm and smiley.  

Erin and I (Natalie/aka Napkin to some) had dreams of opening a company together way back in our young Ball State days. It took a full decade to materialize, with a lot of hard times and healing.  To see all that we have accomplished and how much we continue to grow is motivation to keep going. Through the seasons of struggling with heavy hearts, to the mountain tops and accomplishments, we find strength in our faith and our meaningful connections.

Thank you all for being there along the way. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 


With honor and gratitude, 


Erin Lewis-Gibson & Natalie (Napkin) Strzok  

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